O-ANA Ski Resort

The ski slopes are gentle and wide which provide a safe experience. Furthermore you can enjoy the view of the



It only take 2 hours to drive from Tokyo to OKUTONE Snow Park. Exit the Kan-Etsu Expressway Minakami IC and yo


Ski Resort Minakami Norn

Ski Resort Minakami Norn is the closest ski resort from Tokyo by all means. Ski Resort Minakami Norn opens unt


Ski Resort Hodaigi

The perfect stage for beginner and kids as well as a panoramic view at the peak.


Find your oasis

Welcome to Minakami. Located in Gunma prefecture, the heart of Japan, Minakami is right at the source of Tone River. The rich nature of the region has blessed Minakami with hot springs, rivers for whitewater rafting, as well as delicious food. All this fun is just an hour away from Tokyo by train. Refresh your mind and body in Minakami, a true Urban Oasis.

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Canyoning and rafting in beautiful nature, relaxing in an array of hot springs, and so much more. Find out what unique activities Minakami has to offer through our travel guides.

A LOHAS day of Arts

Take a break from the busy city lifestyle. Explore the arts and crafts scene of Minakami with our leisurely travel plan.

Outdoor Adventure Tour

Thanks to Tone River, Minakami is full of outdoor activities. Set off on an exciting water adventure with us!

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Things To Do

Hot Springs

Connoisseurs will agree that Minakami’s hot springs are some of the best. Soak up the mineral water and enjoy head to toe relaxation.

Kawafuru-Onsen Hamaya Ryokan
Kinseikan Seseragi
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Minakami’s abundant nature provides plenty of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. Escape the ordinary by going on an outdoor adventure.

Suwakyo Gorges
Naramata Dam
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Make the most of your holiday and try something new. Minakami is full of exciting activities like ceramics classes, skiing and more!

H2O Guide Service
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Fresh water helps produce fresh, delicious food. From our local specialty, Hegi-soba noodles, to trendy desserts, don’t miss out on Minakami’s food scene.

Nobotokesoba Yamaichiya
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Only 1 hour from Tokyo!

Did you know? It only takes 1 hour to get to Minakami from Tokyo. For a day trip or for a weekend getaway, Minakami has what you’re looking for.

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