Summer Adventure Sports

Minakami is famous in Japan for its outdoor adventure activities including: hiking, rafting, kayaking from spring to autumn.Not to mention that canyoning has also become famous around Minakami.


You can enjoy the natural beauty and sliding down waterfall chutes, jumping into deep pools of water with Canyoning guides. Half day is about 7,500 Yen (price may change depending on the number of people, time and options)

Bungee Jumping

Challenge yourself with the highest bungee jump. Minakami Bungee Jump at the Suwakyo Bridge is 42m above the Tone River, while Sarugakyo Bungee Jump, at the Akaya-suikan Bridge, is 62m above Akaya Lake.


Fly to the sky by paragliding. You can choose between two courses: the elementary pilot course for beginners to learn how to paraglide, or the tandem paragliding course for more adventure. You can start from 500m to 1000m above sea level. It is a very safe sport, since the pilots have been trained properly by a professional. Beginner course (2 hours) = 5,500 Yen / 1 Day = 9,900 Yen Tandem course with professional = 11,000 Yen