Cherry Blossom Season

Akaya Lakeside Cherry Blossom

The promenade leads you along the lakeside, offering a view of Akaya Lake. The course includes a great scenery from Akaya Lake observation platform. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the lake and its surrounding natural beauty that changes depending on the season, and also the magnificent view of Tanigawadake. We can see cherry blossoms and Mt.Tanigawa which is covered with snow from winter to spring. ※From Jomo-kogen Station: take a bus (30min), get off at Sakasazakura (JS09), and walk 50m.

Yazeshinsui Park

The big park on 8 Acre with cherry blossom tree all around the park.Yazeshinsui Park includes Yaze Ancient Remains, Tsukiyono Harvest (farm mart), playground kids’ zone, BBQ area, walkaway cherry blossom view,Tone River and Firefly Festival in summer. ※From Jomo-Kogen Station: walk 9min or take a bus (3min).

Sennichi Do, Mozaemon Jizoson

Cherry blossom at Sennichi Do. There is a memorial building for a memorial service from the death of Sugiki Mozaemon after a thousand days. He dedicated his life to save the living people suffering from the villain of Sanada Nobutoshi (Numata Lord). During the spring season, you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossom view. ※From Jomo-Kogen Station: about 10min by taxi,or take a bus and get off at Tsukiyonobashi (JS42); walk about 320m.

The Norn Minakami flower garden

The Norn Minakami flower garden is the largest daffodil garden in northern Kanto Area. Ninety kinds of a million flowers grow on the ski slopes after the snow melted. Seeing the heavenly flower garden from the ski lift is a must. ※From Minakami Station: take the free bus service. Or, from Jomo-Kogen Station: take a taxi (around 3,500 Yen).