Yuzunoyado Honden

Secluded Getaway with Natural Spring Flows
Our establishment comprises a total of 15 rooms, including two rooms featuring private open-air baths filled with crystal-clear spring water straight from the source. We generously let the water flow from two natural springs. Unwind in our open-air baths, where you can almost reach out and touch the majestic cedar forest right in front of your eyes. Indulge in a leisurely and luxurious experience.
Our cuisine is carefully prepared, offering a warm and entirely handmade taste sensation. We proudly present dishes crafted with our renowned homemade traditional miso, providing a comforting and authentic flavor. We strive to create an atmosphere reminiscent of home, serving dishes that showcase the bounty of each season, all with the aim of bringing joy to our cherished guests. Additionally, we offer cost-effective accommodation packages without meals.

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