Hot Spring


We have prepared a lot of plans for all our guests’ requests: In spring - graduation, celebrations or seasonal spring plans, etc. Guests can experience 17 types of hot springs and outdoor hot springs.Private hot springs are also available for free. In regards to other attractions, you can enjoy spots and activities like Oze, Mt. Tanigawa, Tone river, rafting, canyoning, skiing and snow boarding, etc. If you are planning to spend your holiday in Gunma Minakami, please do visit us. We also have a homepage for group visits.In spring, you can enjoy the lingering snow or even the new spring cherry blossoms. Another activity you might like to consider is fruit picking. We have cherries, strawberries, etc. We sincerely recommend our apples.The Minakamikan was established in 1927, one of the oldest inns in Minakami. We can prepare and arrange various travel plans and with discounts. If you are planning to spend your holiday in Minakami, please visit Minakamikan!

573 Kohinata, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma, 379-1612, Japan
Day trip for hot spring: 13:00~19:00
(Please inquire in advance during peak seasons)

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